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Pioneering Eye Surgery Work

Have you been told your prescription is too high for Laser Eye Surgery, or that you are too old for Lens Replacement or other Eye Surgery procedures? Here at Vision Surgery in Hull East Yorkshire, we are always developing, refining and improving our techniques, allowing us to treat any prescription in patients aged eighteen and over. We have a world-class ongoing research programme and audit our results continuously.

By using our pioneering techniques over the full range of vision correction surgery procedures, we have successfully treated extreme short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Our expertise also allows us to treat patients with complications from eye surgery done elsewhere, and many of our patients are referred to us from other consultants and clinics, for the management and treatment of complications.

Our Pioneering Treatments & Assessments


There is no point in being able to read the test chart in the clinic when you are having difficulties seeing in day-to-day life. PANFOCAL Vision is a new way to accurately measure your vision in day-to-day life. We developed this new assessment tool to measure vision and use it routinely in our clinical practice. We can predict with great accuracy what level of day-to-day vision you can achieve with various eye treatments. We have pioneered the use of this technique to tailor-make the choice of lenses for our Lens Replacement Surgery and Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery.


All of us will need reading glasses in our late forties or early fifties. The vast majority only needs spectacles for reading. MonoMultivision is a technique we have pioneered which allows such patients freedom from reading glasses. Lens Replacement Surgery is carried out in the weaker eye only when the deteriorated natural lens is replaced with a multifocal lens enabling patients to see well enough to read well without spectacles, while maintaining their clear distance vision. This is a more permanent solution than LASIK Monovision or Blended vision and requires treatment on one eye only.


This technique uses the PANFOCAL vision assessment to tailor-make the choice of replacement intraocular lenses for each eye of a patient undergoing Lens Exchange or Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery. In our experience this technique is the only way to achieve a full range of vision in such patients. Many of our patients have two lens designs with complementary strengths implanted in each eye to provide the full range of vision from distance, intermediate and near. There is no known way of predictably achieving this without combining different lens designs and powers.

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The key to having successful vision correction surgery is to get high quality information and make a fully informed decision.

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