Eye Surgery Treatments

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery includes the use of excimer lasers to re-shape the surface of the cornea and alter the way light enters the eye to correct vision. The only LASIK Laser Eye Surgery treatment we use is blade-free wavefront LASIK. Many budget clinics will offer this as their top-priced treatment. The fact is that this is the technique which gives the best visual results and has the best safety record.

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Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) are similar to a contact lens but sit inside the eye. It is a safe and effective option for short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism in younger patients who are unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery, because of a very high prescription or a high risk of complications. The ICL we use gives the best visual results & has an excellent long-term safety record.

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Age is no barrier to enjoying the benefits of Lens Replacement Surgery. Almost all of us will need reading glasses in our 40s or 50s. This is due to age-related deterioration in the focusing power of the eye, known as presbyopia. If you are using reading, bifocal, varifocal glasses or contact lenses and want to see better without them, Lens Replacement Surgery is for you – and we are one of the most experienced centres worldwide.

After Lens Replacement Surgery, you will never need a cataract operation as the ageing lens of the eye is exchanged for a brand new plastic lens, preventing the development of a cataract. Lens Replacement Surgery is like bringing forward your cataract operation by a few years to improve your vision without glasses or contact lenses for both distance and near.

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The basic cataract surgery available on the NHS involves removing the cataract and inserting an intraocular lens to restore focus and quality of vision with limited success. After this treatment, most patients need glasses all the time. Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery on the other hand restores the best possible quality of vision without glasses or contacts.

We are one of most experienced centres worldwide in Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery, with more than 15 years experience of using the full range of accommodative, multifocal and aspheric monofocal lenses. No lens is perfect, and the key is to choose the lens to match the individual’s needs. We have pioneered many techniques in this field, including the PANFOCAL vision assessment to tailor the choice of lenses for each patient.

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