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Our Eye Surgery Pathway

Nothing dispels fear like knowledge. The key to having a satisfactory treatment experience is getting the quality of information needed to understand the treatment.

We have designed our eye surgery pathway to give you adequate space to consider your options without any pressure to sign up for any treatment.

Call Us

The first step is to call us on 01482 339 515. There is no obligation and we will be very pleased to give you information about all vision correction options, answer your questions and organise your free suitability assessment.

Free Suitability Assessment

Our free suitability assessment is very different to other clinics. This no obligation assessment will be with our expert optometrist, who has also had vision correction surgery under our care. She will advise you on what is likely to be the best treatment option for you, take you through our process, and give you our range of fees and affordable payment and finance options.

She is not incentivised or given bonuses to convince people to have treatment. You can ask her any questions, or challenge her about any aspect of the treatment process, and she will do her best to answer. You will be given written information guides for the relevant procedures. Our optometrists can also organise an appointment for you to see our surgeon Mr Milind Pande for your comprehensive vision surgery consultation.

Consultation with Mr Pande

The consultation with Mr Pande is the defining stage of the process. The consultation includes a full and comprehensive assessment of your eyes and general health. Mr Pande will then make his recommendation as to what in his professional opinion is the best vision correction surgery option for you, and explain the reasons behind that recommendation. You will be encouraged to ask questions and your queries will be answered fully. You will leave the consultation with an excellent understanding of all the issues relevant to your treatment to make an informed choice.

Bespoke Treatment

We only carry out bespoke treatments. We don’t have a range of options based on prescription or other non-clinical factors, and we don’t ask patients to choose from a ‘treatment menu’ on the basis of price. We believe it is our job as expert professionals to recommend what we consider to be the best treatment for you, and explain the reasons why. Our fees are fixed for that treatment and will not vary with prescription or the type of lens used. Mr Pande will personally design and carry out your bespoke treatment, and will examine you at all your aftercare visits.

See the Best You Can

Our vision correction surgery patients enjoy excellent levels of vision in the long term. While the effects of the surgery may not wear out, the passage of time can generate ageing effects like presbyopia and cataract, which may affect your vision. Many patients choose to come to us for their eye health check-ups on an annual basis. This is a good way to monitor and check for any issues with your eyes. We are a full service ophthalmology practice and treat the full range of eye conditions.

Nothing Dispels Fear
Like Knowledge

The key to having successful vision correction surgery is to get high quality information and make a fully informed decision.

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