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Eye Surgery FAQs

Here are our answers to some of the most common Eye Surgery FAQs.

If you want to see better without glasses or contact lenses, Eye Surgery is the right choice for you. We can treat almost any prescription however to know what is the best option for you we will need to carry out a comprehensive assessment. Learn more about Choosing Wisely and Suitability.

There are Eye Surgeons and then there are leading expert Eye Surgeons; professional leaders who have an academic standing, do research, continuously strive to improve their skills, monitor and refine their results, teach and train other surgeons. You have to choose who to trust your eyes with, a surgeon or a leading expert surgeon.

Don’t just trust what is said on clinic websites. Ask your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations, Google the surgeons name, Look them up on the General Medical Council website and ask to speak to one of their patients, find out how respected they are in their profession. You will find out very quickly who is an expert surgeon. Remember expert surgeons get most of their patients by personal recommendation not advertising.

We don’t do pain. In expert hands Eye Surgery is pain free. You will be aware of what is being done and the eye may be mildly uncomfortable but there is no pain. Except for Laser Eye Surgery treatments, we do offer general anesthesia as a choice for our patients.

We are leaders in Eye Surgery with an international reputation attracting patients from all over the world. We only provide bespoke tailor made treatments to suit the unique person you are. Our safety and results are second to none. We don’t believe in pricing or marketing gimmicks, we have fixed transparent pricing and make expert care affordable.

There is a basic difference in practices like ours and businesses like the high street Laser Eye Surgery clinics. Our centre was founded, is run and directed by our expert surgeon Mr. Milind Pande who personally carries out the surgery, and assesses every patient before and after surgery.

There is total continuity of care with a personal one to one consultant patient relationship. In contrast high street Laser Eye Surgery clinics are corporate businesses run by managers in suits who employ or contract with surgeons to do the surgery but counselors or opticians provide the rest of the care. The surgeons usually travel from clinic to clinic and you will be allotted a surgeon depending on the day you wish to have treatment. You will hardly get any time with the surgeon before or after the surgery.

If there is a complication the surgeon is likely to be in some other city. Their business model is that of attracting a large number of enquiries by heavy advertising and use trained sales people to convert those enquires into customers.

Many of the high street Laser Eye Surgery clinics set sales targets for their staff and these targets and incentives may drive the advice given rather than what is best for you. Do your research, ask clinic staff if they are set targets or given bonuses for convincing you to have treatment. You have to choose wisely after all you only have one pair of eyes.

You must have seen the advertisements, from £395, Ebay sales, BOGOFs etc. Think you are getting a good deal, think again. The “from £395” would be for the lowest prescription and for the most basic procedure which is completely outdated and irrelevant.

What these Laser Eye Surgery clinics are doing are luring in patients with these heavily advertised discount pricing and then using sales counselors to convince patients to have the better higher priced treatments. This is a common sales technique of selling the patient up, similar to that used in selling discounted flights.

Ask the counselor who is talking to you about surgery if they get bonuses or incentives to convince patients to have eye surgery ? Ask them if they are qualified doctors or nurses ? You will be surprised at what you find. There have been a number of television stings that have exposed these sharp practices and it is very clear that if you compare the prices of the equivalent procedures there is not much difference across clinics.

You have to decide if you are happy to take on discounted surgery for your eyes. A few pounds here and there should not be the deciding factor. You can usually get financing packages from most clinics to make it more affordable.

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