Anyone who is wearing glasses or contact lenses and wishes to see better without them is suitable for one of our bespoke vision correction treatments.

Technically we can correct any prescription at any age but there are circumstances (e.g. if someone has only one good eye) where we would not recommend surgery.

Which Is The Right Procedure For Me?

Choosing the right procedure for you requires a full comprehensive assessment and takes into account a wide range of factors.

These include age, prescription, history of spectacle use, current pattern of spectacles/contact lens, PANFOCAL Vision assessment, occupation, eye health history, medical history and eye examination findings.

It also includes pre-treatment tests (such as corneal topography, corneal pachymetry, pupillometry, axial length, keratometry, anterior chamber depth and white to white diameter), OCT scanning of the macula, and wavefront scanning on a case-by-case basis.

Based on these assessments, we will recommend to you what in our professional opinion is the best treatment for your specific needs, and give you detailed reasons why. You will have all the information needed to choose wisely.

Your bespoke treatment plan is unique to you and is tailored to get you the best results possible with maximum safety. It is important to get it right first time when it comes to safety and results.

General Guide to Suitability

If you are aged 18-55, have a short-sighted spectacle prescription of less than -8 dioptres or a long-sighted prescription of less than +3 dioptres, which has been stable for a year or more, have otherwise healthy eyes and enjoy good general health, you are a good candidate for a Laser Eye Surgery Treatment like LASIK or LASEK.

If you are aged 18-45 and are not a good candidate for laser treatments because of a very high prescription or an ocular condition (most commonly extremely dry eyes) which reduces the safety of laser treatment, you are a likely to be good candidate for Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) treatment.

If you are aged 45-105 and use reading, bifocal or varifocal glasses or contact lenses, have otherwise healthy eyes and enjoy good general health you may be a good candidate for Lens Replacement Surgery. Some patients aged 45-55 may be more suitable for a particular laser treatment called Monovision or Blended Vision.

If you are aged 55-105, have cataracts of any severity, with any prescription, have otherwise healthy eyes and good general health you are a good candidate for Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery. Many of our patients enjoy the best vision of their lives without spectacles after having this procedure done. This is a great opportunity to correct the focus of the eye at the same time as removing the cataract. It is extremely safe and the results are excellent.

Nothing Dispels Fear
Like Knowledge

The key to having successful vision correction surgery is to get high quality information and make a fully informed decision.

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