What makes Vision Surgery different to high street laser eye surgery clinics?

What makes Vision Surgery different to high street laser eye surgery clinics?


The Vision Surgery and Research Centre in Hull, East Yorkshire is one of the UK’s premier providers of laser eye surgery, advanced refractive cataract operations and lens replacement surgery.

So, what is it that makes us so different to standard high street laser eye surgery clinics?

The centre is founded and run, not by businessmen or venture capitalists, but by a world-renowned eye surgeon with a long and distinguished career. Mr Pande’s reputation and expertise, developed over more than 30 years and across 4 continents, is recognised worldwide. His peers have honoured him with the Presidency of the UK & Ireland Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons.

We do not treat huge volumes of laser eye surgery patients with one-size-fits-all treatments. We only provide bespoke customised treatments – because you and your eyes are unique. We tailor make the treatment and care plan for your individual needs and circumstances. What we don’t do is treat patients as part of a herd and pressure them into making treatment decisions based on non-clinical factors like financial discounts or staff targets. We always respect your choices, and we believe that you are the best judge of the level of expertise and service you and your eyes deserve.

Our results are second to none – this clinical excellence is what drives us. We are one of the few laser eye surgery centres worldwide who perform treatments in hospital operating theatres set up to the highest standards required for more complex eye surgery procedures, rather than high-street treatment rooms.

Our pioneering laser eye surgery and vision correction procedures are based on innovative research and rigorous regular audits. We work hard to improve professional standards throughout the profession, not just in our own clinic. Mr Pande has been responsible for training numerous laser eye surgeons worldwide, and is a prominent educator in the vision correction sector.

The Spire Hull & East Riding Hospital in Anlaby, East Yorkshire is our clinical facilities partner where all surgical treatments are carried out. This arrangement provides state of the art theatre facilities, equipment and technology, and 24 hour clinical cover. This allows us to ensure our patients receive the best possible levels of care throughout the entire process.

When it comes to affordability and laser eye surgery costs, we pride ourselves on our transparency. Our prices are clear and provide excellent value for money, with optional easy payment plans. We do not employ such high street tactics as sales, discounts or BOGOFS and we certainly don’t use “bait & switch” tactics advertising low “from” prices then piling on extra costs later. We simply recommend what we think is the best treatment for you, give you detailed reasons why and help you make an informed decision based entirely on your individual clinical needs, and your lifestyle.

To find out what really makes us different, and find out how we can restore your vision, give us a call and book your consultation on 01482 339515.