Robin Fugill Lens Replacement Surgery

Head teacher Robin Fugill had worn glasses since the age of 10, and at 62, his short-sightedness had become extreme, with his prescription worsening to minus 12 and minus 10 dioptres.

After his pioneering Lens Replacement Surgery at the Vision Surgery and Research Centre in Hull, East Yorkshire, his sight is now perfect and he has 20/20 vision.

Mr Pande, eye specialist and medical director of the Vision Surgery and Research Centre, said: “All his life, Mr Fugill has had the vision of an extremely short-sighted person. The amazing thing is, now, he can see very clearly. For 50-odd years, Mr Fugill’s brain has processed the pictures seen through short-sighted eyes. We have changed those pictures overnight so he is learning to see again. As time goes by, it just gets better and better.”

Vision Surgery and Research Centre pioneered the PANFOCAL assessment tool to achieve optimal results from Lens Replacement Surgery. Each eye is examined in detail and complex algorithms map out the focal corrections required before new lenses are selected and implanted in patients’ eyes.

Mr Pande said: “We customise the lens for each eye so that when both eyes are taken together, the patient gets the full range of vision and the sight of a 21-year-old. While Mr Fugill’s prescription was high, Mr Pande has helped people with even higher prescriptions. “Minus 12 is as rare as someone being seven foot tall but the highest to date I’ve worked on is minus 36,” the surgeon said.

Without the need for glasses, Mr Fugill is able to read lyrics and music to indulge his passion for playing piano and has returned to his hobby of making miniature wooden furniture.

“When I was younger, I used to make dolls’ houses and rocking horses for my children so now I’m making wooden toys for my grandchildren,” he said. “what they do here is so skilful and I have recommended the surgery to several people since I’ve had it done. What struck me about this clinic is that it is bespoke and personal treatment rather than just having general lenses put in. You have to give them serious consideration because the treatment is so expert.”

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