Pat Richards Lens Replacement Surgery

She used to sit on the side-lines, missing out on the joy of playing with her grandchildren because of her poor vision. Wearing glasses since the age of seven, Pat Richards found herself juggling contact lenses, glasses then reading glasses as her sight deteriorated over the years.

Now, Mrs Richards, 68, is loving life and enjoying spending time with her grandchildren Jack, 14, Jodie, 12, Ben, 8, and four-year-old step grand-daughter Anya after undergoing eye surgery using the latest techniques at Vision Surgery and Research Centre in East Yorkshire.

“To me, it’s been like a miracle,” said Mrs Richards. “When we were with the grandchildren and took them swimming, I would sit on the side rather than go in with them because my eyesight made it so difficult. I was always worried about bumping my glasses and protecting my eyes when they were playing. Now, I can join them in the pool and enjoy them splashing around, something I wouldn’t have been able to do before.”

Mrs Richards had surgery on her left eye first at the Spire Hospital in East Yorkshire under general anaesthetic and was back home in a few hours. She noticed the improvement as soon as the protective shield she had to wear over her eye for the first hours following surgery was removed.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I’d only had one eye done and yet I could see things so much more clearly. I was never able to read the figures on the digital clock in the morning and had to always find my glasses before I knew what time it was. All of a sudden, I could see everything so clearly.”

Mrs Richards underwent Lens Replacement Surgery on her right eye a few weeks later and the results were even better.

“It was like the way I could see with my lenses but the difference was, I wasn’t wearing any lenses,” she said. “I kept looking for my glasses and then I’d remember I didn’t need them anymore.”

Check-ups following her surgeries, all part of Vision Surgery and Research Centre’s approach to providing excellent after-care for every patient, showed her vision was 20/20. Better still, she doesn’t need glasses for reading.

Mrs Richards has no hesitation in recommending Lens Replacement Surgery at Vision Surgery and Research Centre to anyone wishing to improve their sight.

“I’d say ‘Go for it,” she said. “I would recommend Mr Pande and his team. He went through everything with me in detail, gave me time to consider whether or not I wanted to go ahead and I’m so glad I did.”

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