Josephine Hangar Lens Replacement Surgery

Josephine Hanger

Lens Replacement Surgery

When you’ve been wearing spectacles or contact lenses for most of your life, it’s bound to come as a huge and very welcome surprise when you can suddenly see clearly as soon as you open your eyes following surgery. Such was the case with Mrs Josephine Hanger, of Elloughton. She was generally fed up with her short-sightedness and having to carry a selection of glasses, contact lens cases, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses around with her all the time.

“I was as blind as a bat,” said Mrs Hanger, who also continually had to use drops for dry eyes. “It was a nightmare. I go to the gym a lot and would leave my glasses in the car. I couldn’t see anything going to and from the car – people would be waving at me and I didn’t know who they were.”

Mrs Hanger had considered the possibility of having surgery to improve her vision – but she believed the cost to be prohibitive. “We were informed that interest free credit was an option, with repayments over ten months, which made it more affordable,” she said.

Mrs Hanger’s friend told her that the Vision Surgery & Research Centre was holding an open night at the Spire Hospital in Anlaby, and she agreed to go along.

As they say, the rest is history…

Mrs Hanger had two separate operations, four weeks apart, to correct her eyesight. The presbyopic Lens Replacement Surgery (PRELEX) she opted for involves replacing the natural lens of the eye with a bespoke lens – in Mrs Hanger’s case, this involved a ‘distance’ lens in one eye and a ‘reading’ lens in the other.

Another benefit to Mrs Hanger was that previously undiagnosed cataracts and glaucoma were discovered. “I wouldn’t have known about this and there could have been far more damage, if left undiagnosed,” she said.

After the first eye was done, Mrs Hanger admitted she found the adjustment difficult, although she knew her surgeon Mr Milind Pande had said this might be the case. “I could have worn my glasses but I chose not to, as Mr Pande recommended that I try to manage without,” said Mrs Hanger. Now, she has better than 20-20 vision in one eye and slightly less than 20-20 in the other.

“It has changed my life,” she said. “The morning after my first operation I went into the kitchen and complained to my husband about all the crumbs on the worktops. He said he couldn’t bear the thought of what I’d be like after the second operation! I can sit and look out at the birds in the garden and see all their colours, and I can read perfectly well in good light. However, I understand that I might need glasses for reading at night when I am tired. Just being able to go out without thinking about where my glasses are – there’s now so much more room in my handbag – is wonderful!”

“I am advising everyone with similar problems to explore the options.”

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