Bridget Odlin Lens Replacement Surgery

Bridget Odlin

Lens Replacement Surgery

Bridget Odlin is a Grandmother with a passion for video games. Recently though, she found that her poor eye sight often hampered her adventures with action hero Lara Croft. Now, Mrs Odlin, 72, lands the knock out blow every time after the consultant eye surgeon Mr Milind Pande, corrected her vision with pioneering Lens Replacement Surgery.

“It has given me a new lease of life,” said Mrs Odlin. “It is utterly fantastic and I can’t tell you the joy I feel not having to fumble about for my glasses just to see.”

Mrs Odlin, who lives in Louth in Lincolnshire, endured poor eyesight all her life, forced to wear NHS prescription glasses at the age of nine to improve her vision. Switching to contact lenses later, she needed glasses to read as she got older and often had to juggle her spectacles and her lenses from the minute she woke up. “So many times, I would end up with conditioner on my hair instead of shampoo because I couldn’t read the bottles,” she said. “I had to put my contact lenses in as soon as I got up or wear my glasses in the shower.”

Her husband Philip, a keen motorcyclist, underwent lens replacement surgery six years ago after the couple carried out online research to discover Mr Pande’s international reputation for excellence as medical director at Vision Surgery and Research Centre in East Yorkshire.

Mrs Odlin said: “My husband was over the moon with the results and said I should have it done too but I had always put it off, thinking we’d use the money for another holiday or something else. But, as my husband pointed out, I was paying £500 a time for my glasses and spending money on contact lenses.”

She was further convinced Mr Pande was the expert for the job after a friend from Lincolnshire went for a consultation at London’s famous Harley Street. “When he said where he was from, the chap from Harley Street asked him why he’d come to London when he had the best man right here so our friend went to Mr Pande and had great results too,” said Mrs Odlin.

By the end of last year, Mrs Odlin’s sight was getting worse and she was also developing cataracts, an age-related condition affecting every person during their lives when the lenses in the eyes are worn out and become cloudy. She went to Mr Pande and he recommended lens replacement surgery, with bespoke lenses tailored exactly to her needs to give her optimum vision.

Now, Mrs Odlin is free from the burden of glasses or contact lenses. The couple enjoy spending time with their nine grandchildren and Mrs Odlin rides pillion on her husband’s motorbike, taking in the scenery properly for the first time.

“Wearing glasses or contact lenses under a helmet isn’t ideal,” she said. “Now, when we go out, I can admire the countryside properly because everything is just so clear. It’s just wonderful.” As well as having perfect vision for the first time in her life, Mrs Odlin also has the security of knowing she will never need to undergo cataract surgery thanks to Lens Replacement Surgery.

“If I knew before what I know now, I’d have done it years ago,” she said. “I can’t praise Mr Pande enough and it was worth every single penny.”

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