Julie Reed & Kelly Taylor

Laser Eye Surgery

For sisters Kelly Taylor and Julie Reed, Laser Eye Surgery was the decision of a lifetime. After a visit to a Patient Education open evening at the Spire Hull & East Riding Hospital in Anlaby, the sisters knew it was the right time to embark on Laser Eye Surgery with the help of Mr Milind Pande. Busy mum Kelly wanted to stop worrying about wearing glasses and contact lenses and always having to remember them wherever she went.

“I was constantly dashing around with my kids and didn’t want to have the extra worry,” Kelly said. After deciding it was time to go ahead with the procedure, she had a private consultation with Mr Pande. “I told him I was a bit scared – after all, you do only get one pair of eyes – but he was extremely professional and really put me at ease. I couldn’t fault him.”

Kelly underwent bilateral Femtosecond LASIK Laser Eye Surgery. “Having the surgery has completely changed my life,” Kelly said. “My eyesight became sharper and clearer over the months. It was reassuring to have my sister there, too, as we could discuss and compare – I don’t think I could have done it without her.”

Sister Julie Reed was also impressed with the treatment at Vision Surgery after undergoing the same procedure as Kelly. Julie works as an athletic coach and swimming teacher, so excellent eyesight is so important to her. “When I was teaching athletics, I was getting dust in my eyes, and splashes when teaching swimming, which was affecting my contact lenses. I had just had enough,” Julie said.

After undergoing in-depth tests with Mr Pande and having plenty of opportunities to ask questions, Julie and Kelly both decided to go ahead with the surgery. “Mr Pande gave me constant recaps about what was happening and was very thorough. He gave me constant reassurance,” Julie said.

“It was a first-class experience and having Laser Eye Surgery has changed my life in so many ways.”

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