Joanne Harrison - Laser Eye Surgery

Joanne Harrison

Laser Eye Surgery

When Joanne Harrison was told by her optician she would have to wear both contact lenses and reading glasses, she decided to look at Laser Eye Surgery as an option. Joanne, of Sutton, had been wearing glasses since she was five years old and started wearing contact lenses when she was fifteen.

Although she had been used to lenses for years, she had problems getting them to fit and she still felt she needed more freedom. “I started wearing contact lenses when I was a teenager,” said Joanne.

“When I was younger, I lived in Sydney, Australia for twelve years and found my eyesight and lenses very restrictive. I couldn’t go surfing or try out new things because if I went in the water I would lose my lenses. About ten years ago, a lot of people started having Laser Eye Surgery, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to because I had astigmatism – I wrote the idea off.” Last year, Joanne noticed that her vision was deteriorating and she was having trouble reading.

Her optician suggested that she explore different options, so she called Vision Surgery and arranged an appointment the following week. She had a free consultation with an optician – which was similar to an eye test – and was told it was likely she would be able to have Laser Eye Surgery. A few weeks later she met with Mr Pande.

“The advice and guidance in the initial consultation was brilliant,” said Joanne. “It was completely impartial and there was no pressure to have it done. They discussed what benefits I would get out of it and gave me some reassurance about the procedure. When I met Mr Pande, I could ask as many questions as I liked and took away lots of booklets packed with information about the procedure. I had some more in-depth tests and my cornea was examined. I decided to go-ahead with the procedure and felt it was my choice. There was no pressure at all from Vision Surgery.”

Joanne Harrison had another meeting with Mr Pande in February and just five days later went to have Laser Eye Surgery.

“The procedure wasn’t painful at all and I was told what was happening at every step” said Joanne. “There was a relaxed, professional atmosphere and I felt confident. It only took 45 minutes and I could see a difference straight away.” Since her Laser Eye Surgery, Joanne’s eyesight has got better and better. “I don’t need glasses or contact lenses now,” said Joanne.

“I can see things far away and have perfect driving vision. I do a lot of long-haul flights and my eyes are fine now – they would have been dry and sore before. I can’t believe I have no help with my vision now. Laser Eye Surgery is the best thing I have ever done and has made an incredible difference.”

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