Helen Palmer

Laser Eye Surgery

For Helen Palmer, vision has always been an issue. A mother-of-two, she had worn glasses since the age of nine and has struggled with contact lenses since she was 18. But, after a recommendation from a friend, glasses are a thing of the past for Helen, who underwent Laser Eye Surgery in June 2010.

“I’d worn glasses pretty much all of my life,” said Helen, who lives in Beverley. “When I turned 18, I started wearing contact lenses but could only wear them for two or three hours a day as I found them irritating. My friend had Laser Eye Surgery last year with Milind Pande, who heads the Vision Surgery & Research Centre, and she was over the moon with her eyesight, so I thought I would look into it.”

Helen Palmer had a consultation with Mr Pande at the Spire Hospital in Anlaby in May. She took along her mum – who was about to undergo surgery herself – and It was there she discussed whether she would be able to have the procedure done.

“I had a holiday booked to France in July,” said Helen. “So I wanted the procedure out of the way, as I was told I couldn’t go swimming until four weeks after the surgery. Vision Surgery was brilliant, and I was booked in for just over a month later.”

At Vision Surgery the preferred technique for Laser Eye Surgery is the blade-free all laser Femtosecond LASIK – the most advanced laser procedure with improved safety and better visual results. With this procedure, a thin flap is made in the cornea. The laser is used to reshape the eye beneath to correct short-sightedness. The laser work takes about 20 seconds for each eye, then the flap is replaced and antibiotics are squirted into the eye. Patients are almost pain-free afterwards and usually see a near immediate improvement in their vision.

“The procedure was absolutely fine and didn’t hurt at all,” said Helen. “I was told to use eye drops afterwards and had a little discomfort, but that only lasted for a few hours, after that, I could see a difference. The results were amazing. My life is a lot easier now I don’t have to worry about glasses. I’ve been passing the information I have about Mr Pande and Vision Surgery to my friends who wear glasses. It has made a massive difference to me.”

Preparing for Laser Eye Surgery is a challenge as quality information is difficult to come by and expert advice is critical. At Vision Surgery, the team is committed to taking you through this process in a professional and honest manner.

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