Emily Proudfoot Laser Eye Surgery

Emily Proudfoot

Laser Eye Surgery

Optometrist Emily Proudfoot knew all about Laser Eye Surgery and knew she really should do something about her short-sightedness. “I was really short-sighted and couldn’t do anything without glasses or contact lenses,” said Emily. “I tended to wear glasses all the time because I found contact lenses uncomfortable, although I sometimes wore them for going out.”

Because of her profession, Emily had known eye specialist Milind Pande for many years. “I met him when I was a trainee and I hold him in so much regard that I never considered going anywhere else,” she said. “I was either going to have the procedure done with Mr Pande or not have it done at all.”

It was her forthcoming wedding which prompted Emily to take the step she had long considered. “I didn’t want to wear my glasses on my wedding day, nor did I want to have to take contact lenses, the solutions and prescription sunglasses on my honeymoon,” she said. So after a consultation Emily underwent LASIK Laser Eye Surgery.

“I had one eye done and then the other a week later, although I believe it is becoming quite common to have both eyes done at the same time,” said Emily, who used to work for the Beverley branch of Boots. “Mr Pande told me to go home and have a quiet afternoon. When I lifted the patch later, my vision in that eye felt perfect. I never put my glasses back on after that.

“I’d worn glasses for 20 years and it’s made an amazing difference to me. It’s a fantastic procedure and the quality of my vision is amazing. I think most people who are short-sighted will have considered Laser Eye Surgery, and I would say if you’ve thought about it, go for it.”

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