62 year old Ann Sewell who lives in Lincoln may have been young to develop cataracts, but now a pioneering procedure has meant that as well as having her condition treated successfully, she has the added bonus of being able to see better than she has ever done in her life. In fact, she can even read a telephone directory completely spectacle free.

Cataracts develop when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, severely affecting vision and the patient’s ability to conduct daily tasks that were once easily completed. Cataracts and the subsequent loss of vision are common in the UK, with around 1 in 3 over 65 suffering from the condition which is one of the UK’s leading causes of blindness.

Ann, who has had to wear strong specs and contact lenses for over 50 years, visited Milind Pande, consultant eye surgeon at Vision Surgery in East Yorkshire. After a careful assessment, Mr Pande found that her vision had become extremely poor with a severe prescription of -12. In order to remove her cataracts and give her back her much needed vision, Mr Pande recommended that Ann had Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery, a procedure for which Mr Pande is world renowned.

This surgery involved Ann’s own lenses being removed and replaced with a bespoke combination of super power lenses. This combination would be based on meticulous vision measurement and would correct her vision and replace the damaged lenses inside her eyes. Ann’s vision was measured using Milind Pande’s own vision measurement technique, ‘PANFOCAL Vision’, which includes measuring vision at distances needed for a range of tasks from reading a book, kindle or an iPad to watching TV and driving.

Mr Pande is then able to recommend a customised lens combination based on the findings to achieve seamless vision from close to far. Ann’s treatment was a remarkable success and now she can also see better than she has ever done in her life. Commenting, Mr Pande said: “Basic cataract surgery as available to most NHS patients leaves them needing spectacles for almost all activities. The technologically advanced lenses we use in Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery together with the comprehensive PANFOCAL measurement, mean patients achieve a full range of vision without glasses.”

Since her surgery Ann, who enjoys a very active lifestyle, has seen a huge difference in her vision and every day enjoys the benefits of life without having to worry about glasses and contact lenses. Her love of swimming at her local pool has also been rekindled and she is enjoying the opportunity to swim whilst being able to see clearly for the first time in many years. She is also a horse rider and is involved with Lincoln Park Riding School, another passion which she is enjoying to a higher level with her new vision.

In addition, Ann and her husband are avid travellers and are looking forward to travelling overseas without having the worry of carrying spectacles everywhere she goes. Ann said: “The results are incredible and I just love being able to wake up and see the clock without having to put on my specs, the treatment has been truly life changing and I hope to continue enjoying the benefits for many years to come.”

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