Eye Surgery Specialist Milind Pande talks about the Louth Lady Golfers

Over the last few years Milind Pande, eye surgery specialist at the Vision Surgery and Research Centre in East Yorkshire has treated four friends who all play golf together at the Kenwick Park club in Louth.

It all started in 2012 when Ann Walker was preparing for her year as club captain at Kenwick Park. She had long-sightedness and Mr Pande performed lens replacement surgery in her left eye to improve her near vision so she no longer required glasses.

So impressed was she with her results and the treatment received, that she recommended her golfing friend Jean Sizer, who had her lens replacement surgery in 2013.

Mrs Sizer was also equally impressed with her results, that she went on to recommend her fellow golfer Jenny Baxter and Patsy Clark – who also went onto have lens replacement surgery with Mr Pande at Vision Surgery.

Mrs Baxter and Mrs Clark both had their lens replacement surgery at the Spire Hull & East Riding Hospital where Mr Pande carries out all of his treatments, on the same day in 2015!

Mr Pande said “This group of women cover the full range of starting points for patients coming for lens replacement surgery”. “When you are long-sighted or short-sighted and using glasses for both distance and near vision, the benefits of lens replacement surgery can be huge because we change the natural lenses for clarity and refocus for optimum vision.”

“Around 45 per cent of patients are just using glasses for reading and, in that scenario, the change comes because we can keep the distance vision at the same time as improving near vision so people achieve both near and distance vision, even by replacing just one lens.”

“The whole idea is to do the minimum possible to achieve maximum benefits.”

On the importance of personal recommendations when it comes to deciding where to go for vision surgery, Mr Pande said “Around 90 per cent of patients treated at the Vision Surgery and Research Centre choose us after a recommendation from a close friend, relative or colleague.”

“During detailed consultations, I assess each patient’s lifestyles and hobbies to provide a bespoke treatment suited to their needs.”

Milind Pande has over 30 years of clinical and surgical expertise in the field of ophthalmic Surgery, over four continents. As well as lens replacement surgery, Mr Pande also specialises in advanced refractive cataract surgery, corneal and laser eye surgery.

To find out more about the comprehensive range of lens replacement surgery, laser eye surgery, advanced refractive cataracts surgery and other treatments provided by eye specialist Milind Pande at Vision Surgery in Hull, call 01482 339515 now.