How soon after surgery can normal activities be resumed?

A number of patients ask us if they can get straight back in to their normal routine following Laser Eye Surgery. Some even want to book a holiday to take time out to relax post-surgery – wanting to admire the view with their newly acquired improved vision perhaps?

We do advise taking it easy (perhaps even a day’s rest immediately after rate surgery, if at all possible). We also ask that you remember that although the procedure can be completed within a relatively short timescale (literally, a few minutes for many eye surgeries), it is still a surgical procedure, which requires the usual restrictions and after care good practice as other surgeries. As long as you follow your surgeon’s guidelines and take good care of your eyes during the recovery period, you should be able to slot back in to your normal routine fairly quickly.

Can I take part in sport following surgery? And what about going on holiday – can I go on a plane?

Yes – as long as sensible precautions are taken, including ensuring nothing touches your eyes during the first few weeks of recovery (so swimming and water sports should be avoided for a while). Even flying is safe after around 24-hours following your Laser Eye Surgery – just remember that cabin air is very dry and your eyes may be more sensitive – so take your eye drops with you to keep them moisturised.